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Registering a channel means obtaining an operator password for it that makes you capable of kicking and banning evil ppl and settings topics.

In addition to that you can define a default topic that is always created automatically as soon as the first person joins your channel.

NOTE: channel registration is only free for non commercial pages. it also is not ok to register a free channel for the free area of a commercial site.
You may also register only one channel per website !
Please respect this rules!

IMPORTANT To grant that channels are good for kids and minors, active channels are not listed in channel list. Channel owners that wish to be listed in public channels list has to ask it coming in channel #leahcim granting that channel contents are ok for minors and kids, we will do our checks and we could approve it in 15 days. The only purpose of this new rules is to give a better service and have clean and friendly chat channels.

the channel registration is very similar to the nickname registration and very easy. it will be done in several steps, too. Just follow them and everyhting will work :-)

First of all let's see wether the channel you would like to register is still available:

The channel name must start with # and may have max. 49 chars after that. the name must not include space!

No wolf rpg or or similar rp registrations! The channels will be deleted!

channel name
your website
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